Tax Advisory Services


Tax Advisory Services

Our Taxation vertical offers a wide range of expert innovative services in domestic taxation (direct & indirect), that aim at value creation following best business practices. Our team of expert professionals interacts with clients to evolve tax efficient solutions, whilst at the same time recognizing that compliance & risk mitigation is a key parameter in any planning. Below mentioned are the verticals of taxation we serve our clients with.

Direct Taxation

  • Direct tax planning and Advisory
  • Statutory compliances including under Income Tax
  • Advising on Income Tax Planning of Corporate
  • Advising and reviewing of all necessary withholding responsibilities
  • Computation of monthly TDS
  • Monthly tax reconciliation of the TDS due and deducted
  • Filing of Annual Income Tax return
  • Personal Tax Planning for Individuals


Indirect Taxation

  • Compiling and Calculation of Service Tax, Excise, Custom and DVAT
  • Compiling the data for CENVAT Credit
  • Preparing and filing of service tax, excise, custom and DVAT return
  • Advising on the issues relating to any of the Indirect Taxes
  • Consultancy on the maintenance of the recordsM
    DVAT Services
    • Rendering assistance in registration under VAT
    • Assistance in claiming input tax credit
    • Assistance in furnishing tax returns and claiming refunds
    • Advice on the legal aspects of VAT
    • Rendering advice on the wide range of issues in relation to tax invoices and retails invoices
    • Internal Audit and Compliance Reviews
    • Helping with audit of accounts necessary for a registered dealer